Western Freelance Exchanges - Withdrawal of Earned Funds

    It's no secret that many post-Soviet freelancers successfully work in the West through intermediaries, large western freelancer exchanges such as oDesk , RentACoder , GetAFreelancer and eLance . Until recently, receiving money earned by one’s labor was problematic, all exchanges offered to send a check (one with which it is then not clear what to do), or payments in PayPal (which is unacceptable for the CIS countries due to its limitations). But over the past year, dramatic changes have taken place: all of the above exchanges one after another have proposed a new method of payment - debit cards from Payoneer

    Which side do not look, a debit card is a universal solution. You get a card from MasterCard, which you can pay not only in all online stores, but also in any offline stores that accept MasterCard, you should not even mention the usual withdrawal of money from an ATM in any country in the world, this goes without saying.
    Some will probably object: “Why do I need a card, if I complete a couple of projects, get money for it and then what to do with it?! ...”. And it turns out that there is something to do. Payoneer has dozens of partners worldwide. Even if you do not earn your money from Western sponsors, from September 2007 you can withdraw WebMoney relatives to Russians to Payoneer cards.
    I hope that the information presented will help many freelancers make their life easier in terms of earning honestly earned money.

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