Tactile sensations

    I went to the Beeline website and saw an advertisement for the service:
    It is proposed to replenish the account on the mobile with a credit card. The mobile slider is shown. When you hover over the flash drive itself, the cursor turns into a bank card. Further, when entering a mobile phone, and making a characteristic gesture with a card from top to bottom, money appears on the phone and it opens. I omit texts and further action because of negligence. And a little lower is a little book, the pages of which are scrolled without pressing buttons, with a mouse gesture.

    And I liked the fact that there is a pleasant imitation of a living gesture, how they spend a card to withdraw money, how they leaf through a book. The metaphor is successful and the action on the screen is transmitted in the same way as a sensation in life.

    I wanted to share this and get your opinion.

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