What is in the mug

    a cup

    In the future, using a computer will become much more understandable and simple than in our time - even children and owners of negative karma know this.

    For the effective use of computer technology, you no longer have to master specific skills, and computer technology will have an impact on the daily behavior of the user. The simplest example is using a mug . True - not quite for its intended purpose.

    The concept of " The Cup " is based on knowledge about people's behavior and their needs, anywhere and anytime. Each person at home has several mugs, we see them in offices, cafes, shops and many other places. This item fit so tightly and painlessly into our lives that we practicallyceased to perceive it .

    Watching such simple actions as picking up mugs, manipulating them, transfusing water and much more, an innovative approach was proposed that considers the simplest mug as an information management tool .

    The main task of " Circles " is to simplify the interaction between the user and the computer . The device makes the application use interface more friendly and intuitive (I would even say instinctive) The ultimate goal is to make sure that absolutely anyone can use the computer as an object of daily use - a mug, without the need to master any special skills.

    Potential users of " Circles " - all of us . People who want to simplify interaction with the PC as much as possible. Each of us almost daily surfs the world’s network, listens to music and watches movies. For this reason, the desire to make routine operations as accessible, quick and understandable as possible is understandable.

    In particular, the device will appeal to those who advocate the restoration of culture and traditions . This does not mean a return to archaisms - it means renewaltechnologies to the form familiar to every person. All this is explained very simply - high technology does not arouse interest from a wide audience. Partly because of its geekiness, partly because of price, partly because of complexity. But at the same time, there are things that attract almost every person - this is nostalgia and naturalness.

    Using " Mugs " has some input threshold - a person should be able to use it. Not from the point of view of manufacturability, but from the point of view of dishes . This means that the project appeals to a huge niche of buyers - from children to senior citizens . Anything can be an approach, every person can be a goal.

    " Mug", from the point of view of the design of a personal computer, it is undoubtedly an innovative idea. The physical form and the real functions of an ordinary cup are combined with new technologies, which makes its use as simple and familiar as possible. Pouring water, pouring, pouring and many other operations are familiar to every person, that's only instead of water -. information given to Your computer has the functions of conservation, distribution and ordering data.

    The only pity is that the introduction of such technologies in life - for high proof operation.

    Translated to Dvice .

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