How long will we live in a landfill?

    As soon as the snow melts, our cities begin to resemble mini dumps. This is noticed by everyone! But no one does anything to ensure that this does not even happen again!

    April 19th was declared “Frequency Day in Omsk”. I think similar events took place in other cities. This day has passed a long time, and the result is not visible everywhere. Purely only on the central streets of the city, on the outskirts where I live, there is still an unpleasant picture with tons of garbage on lawns, in yards, roads.

    I remember in school we went to the community as a whole on subbotniks and cleaned up the territories that we allocated, I won’t say that at least someone liked it, but apparently it was then that I began to understand that littering was bad, that is, these activities were useful, I think not for me to one. The outcome of such "outings" was obvious, the next day the city simply shone. The benches were painted, the yards were cleaned, the trees were whitewashed. I graduated from school a long time ago. But every year I notice that the day is not as fruitful as before, maybe the schoolchildren didn’t clean them :), maybe the city allocates little money for cleaning, but what is now, I’m not happy with it.

    And the point is not that our state is sometimes indifferent to such problems, but the matter is probably in ourselves. Sometimes people who have traveled to Germany, who telling you how wonderful and clean there go with you, throw seeds and packs of chips directly onto the street, are quite surprised when the wind picks up these packs and hangs them beautifully in the trees).

    I know the problems of many cities, including Moscow, when you walk along the main streets and there are no trash cans! I will not boast here, but I will say, for example, that I never throw out garbage, if there are no trash cans nearby, I will put a packet of chips, for example, in a bag and, if possible, I will throw it away.

    People! Envy the purity of other countries! Start with yourself! How much can you live in a garbage dump ?!

    Off [I recently decided to watch TV and got on an interesting news report. In some of the Russian cities imposed huge fines (from 2000 to 5000 r) for a thrown cigarette butt! It’s interesting to see this city in a year or two.]

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