MTS banned the use of the red egg symbol

    The Board of Appeal of the Belarusian National Center for Intellectual Property (NCIS) invalidated the registration of the MTS trademark with the image of a red egg.

    Poets Ales Ryazanov and artist Viktor Markovts accuse MTS of plagiarizing their creation under the name "Egg Squares".

    On May 8, the Appeals Board will announce a decision on the second statement of the authors of “Egg Squares”, who in October 2007 appealed to the center with objections to registering in Belarus a second trademark with a white egg in a red square, BelaPAN reports.

    “We consider this decision to be absolutely illegal and unreasonable,” said Dmitry Khodas, director of the Belarusian branch of MTS. He said that it would be possible to speak about the lawfulness of the decision only after the appeals council submitted evidence on the basis of which the registration of the goods was declared invalid.

    “So far, neither the appellate council nor any other official opinion on the part of the NCIS has stated on what grounds the registration of the trademark has been invalidated,” the director of the Belarusian representative office of MTS emphasized.

    The motivation part must be submitted within two months. After this, after six months, the decision of the Appeal Board will enter into force. “That is, in the best case, the decision of the appellate council will come into force no earlier than seven to eight months,” said Dmitry Khodas, Telegraf reports.

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    source: newspaper LOOK

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