SMO Promotion in the social. networks

    Hey. Today I will tell you a story about how a webmaster in social services. network climbed.
    It all started with the fact that Phil made the site. He drew design for a long time, thought over the structure. He made up and handed it over to a professional programmer. He, in turn, did his best to help Phil with the site. The result was just a masterpiece, a handsome site. After Phil wondered how to unwind him. Directories ... no, buying links - no, expensive.

    Some time passed and Phil remembered that there was such a thing as, he added the site there. But nothing much added one addition. Yes, and what could one link on the site, in the database of which of millions, give?

    After he began to search for other social networks. Philip told his friends how cool it is when a lot of his people on “friend lists” on social networks, they can be so powerful together that everyone will get jealous ... But these lazy skeptics only complained about the lack of time and desire, weighed how it was that. Phil himself didn’t really know how (SMO) to describe it, to prove that this was the future!

    All the same, he was able to direct a couple of believers on the true path. They helped Phil, somewhere in a flattering comment, somewhere in a voice. Now Phil realized the full power of what he was striving for. Social Networks he uses:


    bluedot. us
    cgi .comnotebook
    www.sync2it .com
    www.urlex. info
    www.startups .in
    www.oinnk .com
    www.Neymo .net



    Arabic crap:









    So, you have looked at my list. And think about what to do with all this. Eh, to do SMO productively, with a good result, you need a lot of time. A lot of exposure. A lot of brains and the ability to make friends.

    And by the way, you still need a very good project.

    As a result, after a month of buying in the networks, Phil became an advanced user with a reputation, traffic increased by about 1.5k. Phil had one drawback - he was very lazy, he was breaking off updating the site at least 5-10 news every week. Phil saw no prospects.

    Further. He realized the benefits that the appearance of his site can bring, and the fact that he was on css. Going to he was very happy with the massive list of sites where you can submit Phil's site. Approximately 50% of css inspiretionov published the site in the near future, another 10% within a month. And some did not publish at all. But Phil does not give up, he will submit there more than once!

    Why is stumbled upon this cool? Yes, because one fine day 6.5k people switched to the Istanbul bar ( firefox bar, gives random sites out of delicious, which attracts people). After that, there were more than 150 references to Phil in This is good news.

    To summarize: use social networks and generally squeeze them to the fullest. Write, advertise yourself, send in all sorts of diggs, etc. Do something that I won’t even think of in 10 years. You will not only raise your PR, TCI, but also drive tons of traffic, by the way, will your hosting withstand this? think about it.

    Keep a couple of links: - news the SMO Wikipedia - posler in the social. Bookmarks

    Taken From Here : Designwar's Blog

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