Hardipati in Petrozavodsk


    There were a huge number of entries regarding the release of the new version of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on Habrahabr : release dates, download links, descriptions of innovations, and holiday posts. However, about holding a meeting related to this event, I met only one entry, “ Habraskhodka in Novosibirsk ”. Although I remember that they were going to release 7.10 in Moscow , St. Petersburg , Kiev . We, Petrozavodsk residents, are going to such a party for the second time. By tradition, on the first Sunday after the release of the new version. The goal of Hardipati (and last time Gatsipati) is to get to know and chat live, exchange ideas and experience about the Ubuntu OS and the Karelian site of ubuntologists "

    Ubuntu on Onego.ru ".

    Details about the meeting just passed below.

    We made an appointment through the local site of ubuntologists, and decided that we would go to a cafe. However, having met on the spot, they decided to sit in the fresh air.

    We are at Hardipati

    There were 17 of us in total , which seems quite good for a small town in Petrozavodsk. Unfortunately, there were no girls among us, but we decided to work in this direction. =)

    After my short introduction, we handed out “Designed for Ubuntu” stickers , several CDswith the new system. The guys got the laptops, and in demonstration mode we began to install a new version of the distribution kit on them. The system was perfectly installed on 4 of 5 laptops and refused to be friends with only one, referring to the lack of a monitor.

    Laptop with Ubuntu

    Communication turned out to be very relaxed, which I really liked, although I was not familiar with the majority. And, of course, it’s good that twice as many people came as last time (up to the number at the Moscow party there were 5 people left).

    Despite the fact that Karelia is well-connected to the Internet, and most of the ADSL houses have a regional network, public Wi-Fi spots only began to appear and we did not end up in a cafe with the Internet. The next time, I think, Ibekspati will be held in such a cafe. We plan to regularly hold such events.

    And it all started with the fact that my friends and I, after solving the first problems with Linux, got the idea to create a website on which we could cover these decisions. So in September 2007, “ Ubuntu on Onego.ru ” appeared. Now in Karelia there is a good local repository (thanks to one of the providers), a local database of images of various GNU / Linux systems.

    Thank you for your attention, strive to use free software, communicate more often live!

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