Activation of Vista by phone and slui.exe

    The main problem is that if you enter the Vista serial, one important link disappears in the activation dialogs, referred to as "Show other activation methods." Therefore, from now on, you can activate Vista only through the Internet.

    But we love to use VMware, and VMware from under virtual networks, not being members of a domain, are very poorly activated through the Internet and Vista screams that she is not happy with the error code: 0x8004FE33. Therefore, we want to activate by phone, then we call the activation center, but employees and employees cannot help, because there is no cherished reference, so they transfer your case to the support service, which saves everyone by offering to use the slui.exe utility with parameter 4. After that everything is getting good.

    But they told us about slui.exe, not just like that, probably wanted us to indulge them, and now, if you enter slui 23, you will be informed that the Windows license expires in 1193046 hours, and Windows will stop working, why would this is?
    You can still bring a lot of numbers and marvel at the abundance of dialogs.

    PS The girl’s voice, dictating the activation code, very coolly pronounces the number “6”.

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