iTunes U - free lectures from leading universities

    Of course I was a little late - almost a year. But I discovered this just yesterday, and HabrapoSearch did not give anything, so I dare to raise a topic.

    31.05.2007 Apple has launched a new service under the Store the iTunes - the iTunes the U . This is a section on educational content. Lectures, video lessons, laboratory experiments, etc., from leading US universities on a variety of topics. Because Habra-publicity for the most part consists of people interested, then I think it will be interesting.

    You ask how to get it all? Very simple: the content of the iTunes U section and by the way the Podcasts section (in which there are a lot of video tutorials on software) is FREE. And there are plenty of methods to register in iTS without a foreign credit card and PayPal account, you just need to google it for a minute or two.

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