Rambler hackfest '08 has ended

    A bit of history

    The numbers on April 8 I don’t remember whose tip I came across on the site dedicated to the competition.
    The bottom line was to develop a “startup” in 24 hours. It was only necessary to leave an application in which it was necessary to describe the team, show the work done and it was proposed to indicate the topic that I would like to fulfill. I looked at the list of the jury except Sysoev and Shitov I did not find any familiar names). Without hesitation, I left a request calling the team “Realistic Group”.


    Applications filed 120 teams. Although it was planned to allow about 24, 60 were selected. On Saturday, exactly at 12, the competition starts. The team leader was offered a choice of two topics, one of which had to be sent to the organizing committee within 13 minutes and, if confirmed, to get to work. On the night of Friday to Saturday I received a confirmation of participation and the team number is # 48.


    On Saturday at 12 noon I went to the treasured contest website for topics :). I came across the theme of an entertainment service for mobile platforms and a referral service using UGC. Naturally at 12 the whole team was asleep and the decision was up to me). Since I have absolutely no way with mobile platforms, I began to look for what UGC is. The “User Generated Content” was googled and for some reason the answers were immediately remembered. Mail.ru))))). Since there wasn’t much time, he wrote that we would do something like mail replies and received the go-ahead. Over the next half hour, I made a framework of “design” (now it’s exactly the same), which then did not change) The rest of the team woke up, I named the topic for them, I didn’t seem to curse much)


    Well, as we wrote the whole thing, will anyone be interested in it, I’ll just say that we are separated by distance, I live in the Yaroslavl region, and the rest in Moscow, but since we have been working together for 3 years, there have been no problems, besides We don’t have any designers, so we scored on the “beauty” right away.

    According to the regulations, the sources needed to be commited to a specially provided st. Sv is still open to reading who needs the grace of grace, we ask). From time to time I studied the contents of SWA, only we and team # 43 actively committed. Projects were written in symphony, zend, django, katalist, just on php and pearl, there was a project on drupal which then smoothly moved to xoops (as far as I understood from the sorts). There were also Java for mobile platforms and an action script. Traditionally, we did everything on Ruby on Rails. The design contained only one picture, but it was possible to upload avatars.

    It seems that they wrote something) at 6 in the morning, when almost everything was ready, they argued for a long time who would make the categories I or Zhenya. There was no strength ... Still, Zhenya did it. After, the implementation of the choice of categories will positively notein his "resolution" Andrei Shitov. By the way, the choice of categories is still a little buggy), but IMHO it was done great!

    Waiting for Results

    After the last commit, I just could not sleep) Immediately there were unpleasant bugs. We decided to deploy the project at home - we fall during registration. It turned out that the method of sending the letter was not indicated in the config, the jury had the benefit of fixing it (according to the regulations, the latest version from SVN is allowed to be deployed). Then we found jambs in the layout, a buggy admin panel, a bunch of xss glitches with pages, adding categories with capitalized letters in the title ... The jury did not notice a lot of errors (everything is perfectly visible in the rail log;). In order to slightly outweigh the jury added avatars to them, I hope they liked it). And the most annoying thing is that all the errors were "single-line" ... The jury found much more errors than we did))). At first there were a couple of test posts and it seemed like ok, and then ... We broke our poor layout as they could, introduced impossible tags, a lot of letters without a space, found xss, and ... in general, we already did not wait for the prize =). Of course there were no injections (it’s problematic to get them on the rails). It remained to hope for completeness, “functionality” and bugs of other participants.

    I looked at other teams, half of the team didn’t have anything but “test.txt”, later other teams dropped out because their project turned out to be inoperative. As a result, there are 24 of us, right under the rules)


    I understand that I’m tired, so I’ll immediately announce places with prizes:
    1. Humane Magica Project in danger , Django, MacBook Pro prize from Runner
    2. Realistic Group Answers , Ruby on Rails, “hosting light for a year” prize from the master host
    3. Web development studio Mikhail Kechinov, Mobile Social Network, php
    4. Adept Team, Around the World, was developed on Adept (php)
    5. Vladimir Sergeev and Oleg Sitkin, My Everything , Django

    The first two teams shared only 2 points. (abidnooooo =)
    The last three teams have won Bitrix Business licenses. I don’t give links, because I didn’t find = (. It seems somewhere in the community (link below) were. If they post in the comments, I will add them.


    I don’t know what goals Rambler pursued, but for us this contest meant to show ourselves and prove to ourselves, and if possible to the rest, what we can come up with and do, moreover quickly projects (secondary tasks were to win a laptop instead of the outdated Zhenya paverbuk and an advertisement Rails =). What what, but we showed ourselves for sure). Lesha and Zhenya came to the RIT conference, attracted such good attention to themselves and to Realism as well).
    Thanks to Rambler for the contest, and to the sponsors for the gifts, it is important to remember that the main thing is not victory, but participation)

    Z.Y. Unfortunately, team # 43 took only 11th place. She just had a great project, which without problems occupied the first place, but the server crashed and some judges were forced to put zeros, because the raise did not happen = (I really want to see their project in action =)

    links to the topic:
    Community there is a lot of both interesting and not very information)

    Z.Z.Y. The second answers to mail.ru (or google.ru, as you want) will not be our project. We decided to move in a slightly different direction, I hope we succeed). I wish the first team the same idea, they have a good one, but quickly annoying, they should be developed!

    Thanks for attention.

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