About Retro

    Briefly outline the idea: Retro-typewriter

    Retro is different . I’m sure that if the story is “in the subject” (that is, in the context of the events taking place), or if the author of the post deliberately decided to remind us, readers, or maybe this topic wasn’t considered (it’s known that there is people who do not read Bash, Chips, NNM and Webplanet), then you can not blame for the slaughter .

    Therefore, I propose to think it over before writing again this sparkling remark. Or maybe even just keep yourself and not write at all. Replaced the "plusadine" with human statements? Let us humanize this phenomenon of teenage culture.

    And even , if you thinkthat the information provided is not objectively new, then, so as not to clutter up the sheet of comments, group your reviews in one place. For example, in the answers under the first one who noticed this. It will be useful to everyone - both authors and readers.

    Be constructive.
    Good luck and understanding!

    UPD : transferred to the blog Bayan on Habré

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