Photo banks give out photos for free with advertising

    Professional photo banks are under severe pressure from an army of amateur photographers who distribute their work under Creative Commons free licenses. In such circumstances, selling content is becoming increasingly difficult. People simply do not want to pay money for what can be found for free.

    An interesting business model was offered by photo banks Israeli company PicScout . She developed a special Flash widget PicApp , with which pictures with a maximum size of approximately 600 × 400 can be published on any website on the Internet like Youtube videos. Not only photos are published, but also built-in contextual advertising, which is launched when you click on the blinking icon in the lower left corner (see screenshot).

    The most popular photo among bloggers on PicApp statistics today

    As you can see, the quality of the photos is pretty good and the size is not the smallest.

    Photos are distributed free of charge, and the company shares profit with the sale of advertising with copyright holders. This is a standard business model for publishing, but in the photo business it looks pretty unusual. PicScout has already accepted the largest photobanks Getty Images and Corbis.

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