Windows XP + Brand New Comp = Brakes

    Hello dear habraselchane. At work I got a new (rather powerful computer),

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual +4800 / 2Gb / HDD250GB + MultiCardReader 3.5 "

    And such a problem: for some reason, problems after installing Windows XP (Corp or Pro, no difference), there is such a problem :

    1. When you go into my computer and go through the folders of the disk (any), the explorer hangs (reads something), but I don’t understand that. There are no antiviruses. Software too, only drivers from the motherboard (ASUS M2N), chipset and all. it is not a pleasant moment.

    2. After installing the chipset drivers, programs loaded a little longer ... what in the system tray displays I do.

    As many as killed three days, but I could not cope with this problem.

    Itself would gladly switched to Ubuntu a long time ago, BUT it is impossible, because need Photoshop.

    UPD: Dear, please do not minus in karma, because Windows theme also makes me laugh and is sometimes annoying, but I already covered all the forums and could not find the answer. And I think that only here bright heads can help me ..

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