Pi Day

    Today (3.14.2008, if not in our opinion) is the day of the date πand with which I congratulate you. All I wish now you pi be wee wa with wee horns. And at 1:59 all the mathematicians were already startled.

    And yet, today is Albert Einstein's birthday.

    Habr not understand mnemonic π :(

    Vzvo wee ones Habra Sun pi tanniki!
    Raids wee whether a pi us Jap Pi , Pi did not know!
    Our wee overly serious mien youth ku pi dons,
    about pi th in the Sun pi tannikov pi hayuschie.

    Down with the legisla pistsev ka pi talas na3,14zdivshih,
    Down filantro pi th e and pi grams -
    Its our UTO pi I did not pee toboggan,
    in the history of pi Hashem Pi drama.

    Lou pi be kir pi Chami incognizant,
    My with pi h e pi cal their e pi tafiey will!
    Cro pi be a pi mouth faces with pi vshiesya,
    By myo pi and popular e pi timey hit.

    Nam Yu pi ter ordered for pinat their state pi hoist
    Residues folly with pi Marko Livaja, perevos pi TYVA;
    Edge pi howling postegivaya, pi schat compel -
    Poprinasu pi vshis, sucks pi t army.

    Ce nu s hall pi be appendages of ignorance,
    the RA pi ladies Kru pi tzu stuff poras pi shaken ...
    Razgrup pi Rui universe, but to make
    the number Pi in awe pi Tuva!

    (thanks k48 for this creation)
    (found out on lookatme)

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