The future of mobile search?

    Mack Funamiji, a creative Japanese designer, recently set out on his blog several interesting thoughts about his vision of finding information using mobile devices. We are talking about the simplest option: just point your finger at the desired object and get all the data you need about it.

    To ensure this, Mr. Funamiji proposes in the near future to create a portable device with the ability to connect to the Internet, and combining a camera, scanner, GPS module, Wi-Fi, a touch screen and software for image search and object recognition. It is assumed that software for working with Google Maps (and preferably Google Earth) will also be very useful.

    Such a device can be used to search for almost anything. It is enough to point his camera at a particular object, select it and finally get the necessary information. Funamiji believes that such features can come in handy anywhere, anytime. The device can be used to find out the brand of a passing car, the name of a flower or an insect, the recipe for a dish just served in a restaurant, the story of a building, the size and color (in RGB) of the font in the magazine, the meaning of the word when reading a book and stuff, stuff.

    The most surprising thing in such an idea is its real potential feasibility in the near future. A relatively similar product by concept already exists. For example, the application GeoVector 3D Search, which allows using a mobile phone to take a picture of the building and get information about it. What Funamiji is talking about is not so fantastic. Especially if some large company engaged in the development of search engines, a company that does not shy away from the most fantastic innovations, will pay attention to his idea.

    via googlesystem

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