Some more secrets of habrahabr

    It’s already from the category of not usable, but Easter eggs:
    - If you click “Preview” on a blank comment, “porca madonna putana!” Will appear
    - Captcha on the registration page is called “we_love_bobuk.png”
    - contains in the header the comment “write me to the Bobuk fan club! © deniskin :) "
    - If you accidentally leave the page in a logged in state, go to another and try to write a comment, then instead of a comment we get something like" Kolbaskin Error KE-004 ".

    It's funny to discover something like this :-). I apologize if I’m slaughter.

    UPD1 : Gram prompted another easter egg. If you look at the original of any letter coming from Habrahabr, then there we will find the line " X-Mailer: Kolbaskin / 1.1 (html) ".

    Current score: Bobuk vs Kolbaskin - equally, 2: 2. Madonna is 1 point behind :-).

    UPD2 : Observing Untoten revealed to us the secret of another Easter egg. If you click to add a person to friends, and then without waiting for his reaction to press the plus sign again, then in the orange window we will see “ porca madonna putana!

    Current score: Bobuk vs Kolbaskin vs Madonna - equally, 2: 2: 2. So far, parity. Hand out terrible secrets! Support your favorite team! :-)

    UPD3 : Power tells us: if you request through the API information about a user with infinite karma (for example, see the habrahabr profile), then the response header from the server will
    contain HTTP / 1.1 666 This time is full of monsters.

    Total score: Bobuk vs Kolbaskin vs Madonna - equally, 2: 2: 2. Antichrist - 1 point.

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