Not a web startup, but still 2.0

    So, dear Habravites, I am pleased to present you the result of my six-month work - AdDev interactive advertising and presentation system, the first of a series of interactive installations.

    A bit of background. We have all seen the usual ads more than once - boring and lifeless, and bored with the whole order, as they say, “without color, without taste, without smell”. This ad lacks the life that your humble servant decided to add :) And here's what I got:

    Video systems in work:

    The application of the system is not limited only to advertising, AdDev can be used at presentation events, promotions or holidays. For example, in shopping centers on playgrounds for the entertainment of children (and maybe their parents?), In clubs or pubs, as an element of decoration or entertainment.

    It all depends on the wishes and depravity of the customer :)

    Features and a description of the work of AdDev can be found on the site .

    I would like to hear reasonable criticism, ideas and suggestions.

    PS If you liked or want to become a dealer, my contacts are always on the site .
    PS2 For reasons not known to me, I can not post a movie here :(

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