Usability Bulletin. Issue No. 14

    Aaron Marcus Interview | Alphabet of analysis of user tasks in web design | "Introduction to Usability", January 25 in Moscow | “Invisible banners”, or why users don’t look at banners: known facts and new studies | Direct marketing and usability research: so much in common! | Introduction to Automation

    Interviews with Aaron Marcus, President of AM + A, for edu) itonline Learning Center
    We present to you an interview by Aaron Marcus , President of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. (AM + A), staff member edu) itonline.

    C. Gaddy, A. Marcus. The ABC of user task analysis in web design
    User task analysis is one of the most popular methodologies used by professionals in the design of user interfaces. However, based on our personal experience, we can say that very often the analysis of tasks is not performed, it is not fully documented, or is performed, but is not used in the design.

    Introduction to Usability, January 25, in Moscow edu) ITONLINE
    Training Center,as part of the Usability Engineering educational program, invites you to participate in the Introduction to Usability training seminarto be held on January 25 in Moscow.

    Jacob Nielsen. “Invisible banners,” or why users don’t look at banners: known facts and new research
    Users rarely pay attention to the advertisements displayed on websites. One of the four design techniques that attract the views of website visitors to advertising is not entirely honest and ethical towards users, and therefore it significantly reduces the value of advertising and, consequently, the profit of advertising agencies.

    John S. Rhodes. “Direct marketing and usability research: so much in common!”
    I have read many marketing books in my life. I have a whole library at home dedicated to this topic. Everything in the house is literally crammed with marketing books. You may ask: why does a person who is interested in usability problems and research in the field of user interaction with information systems collect books on marketing? The answer is simple: direct marketing .

    Anatoly Kostin. Introduction to Automation
    On New Year's Eve, the UsabilityLab blog consistently posted three articles on the psychological problems of automation. My first article in the November 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review Russia, “ This Unpredictable Automation". In this short article in a popular form based on a business audience (i.e., with certain simplifications and editorial corrections), an attempt was made to state the main essence of the problems of human interaction with automation, which, in a nutshell, is the potentially unpredictable result of its functioning and the classical engineering and psychological position on the advisability of semi-automatic control compared to automatic.

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