8 disadvantages of the new Apple Macbook Air laptop

    Only a day has passed since the announcement of the Macbook Air, and I understand that it’s too early to draw any conclusions, and I’m not going to do it, but I would like to point out the small flaws of this device. There are only eight of them, and it's up to you to decide whether they are significant or not. So, let's begin:

    1. The impossibility of replacing the battery yourself - this means that you will constantly depend on the power source and you will not be able to take a spare battery with you on a long trip, as you do now with your dell or sony.
    2. There is no optical drive - which means that you cannot watch your favorite movie on DVD or install the necessary program until you pay an additional $ 99 for an external DVD drive, which, by the way, works only with Macbook Air.
    3. Built-in mono speakers - is that back in the past? Why not stereo?
    4. RAM is limited to 2GB with the inability to replace or upgrade.
    5. No Ethernet port - it will be possible to connect to the local network only via Wi-Fi, but not all networks provide this option yet.
    6. Slow processor - The Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz is the slowest in this series and even an upgrade (for an additional $ 1,300) to 1.8 GHz will not bring much performance improvement.
    7. Slow Hard Drive — As you know, the base Macbook Air comes with a 1.8 ″ 80GB hard drive and a rotation speed of only 4200rpm — be prepared for slow loading of the system and programs. Of course, there is the possibility of upgrading to 64GB SSD, but again for $ 1.3k
    8. Only two laptop options for sale - expensive ($ 1,799) and super-expensive ($ 3,098).

    Of course, one could add here the presence of Single Link DVI which is not supported by the 30-inch Apple Cinema Display (it requires Dual Link DVI), but this is not so significant - such monitors are not very common and I think their owners will not take to the streets with protests about this.

    That's all, and now it's up to you to decide whether this device is worth the money that Apple asks for it or not.

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