About issuing someone else’s content as your

    Continuing this topic .

    Today I came across on one site an article published by me that was copied one to one , but there was nothing nearby to indicate the author or the origin of the original content to a specific resource (that is, a corny link to the source, to the Habr).

    I looked at the front page, then stumbled upon another article - a complete copy-paste of the article by daeq . The top of impudence was in the last paragraph, I quote: “Soon I am going to write about providing users of my site with an OpenID identifier (that is, installing an OpenID server) in my blog. If interested, stay tuned. ” In the original article by daeq, the word “blog” contains a link to the author’s blog. But the site’s author apparently also doesn’t care - he inserted a link to his resource%).

    I tried to talk with the site’s author via ICQ, but didn’t want him to point out authorship, but wanted to understand why he originally published other people's articles. The conversation somehow didn’t work out ... (who cares,
    I’ll post a log) As far as I understand, the author of the site visits Habr, maybe in the comments he can answer - why?

    What do others think about this? :)

    upd: distorted links on the advice

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