Monopoly (Mac & Win)

    Our native "Manager".
    Our native " Manager ".

    In perestroika times, a board game called “Manager” was superpopular (Co-op, Broker, Millionaire) - an analogue of the American “Monopoly”. The game, by the way, is quite ancient, back in 1935 it became the best-selling game in America.

    Relatively recently, Hasbro released a computer version of Monopoly, which is almost completely consistent with the design of the classic American version of the game: The


    figures of the interactive version are animated and repeat the desktop original:

    Monopoly desktop.

    What can I say, we play at home on the 3rd day - we can’t break away 8). Great design. The demo version gives 1 hour of a fully functional game (enough to remember the rules). Then he asks to pay some money, I think $ 19.95 is worth the pleasure (well, Bobuk and Umputun said that stealing is not good).

    There are two versions of the Original and Here & Now edition; there are slight differences in design, as well as in the different "weight" of cash.

    For Mac: Monopoly Here & Now Edition 1.0 17.4mb
    For Win: Monopoly Here & Now Edition 1.0 16mb

    First Friday of the Year!

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