Search Engines, Something New

    I present to you a mini review of the search engines I found this week. The most interesting and useful from my point of view (but I can be wrong) search engines are on this list.

    The search engine is to blame. The search engine offers the inhabitants of America here on the site and buy a collection wine. Interest for me: look at recommendations, read, find out how much a bottle of wine can cost what is worth drinking and what is not :) Sometimes this knowledge is important especially on languid aristocratically intelligent evenings

    Search Latin sites in Arabic letters. It can be useful for finding pictures whose names are written in Arabic. The search engine automatically translates your request into Arabic script

    Search apps and widgets for social networks, mobile devices, blogs, desktop or home page of the site (the apps for Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, the iPhone, the OpenSocial, iGoogle, OSX and more)

    Dy add the address of your website or blog, and the search engine searches for who and where on the Internet used content from your website or blog (text information). You can also track quotes from you.

    Search engine among tabular and graphic data. They search the network for files with tables and present this data in graphical form. Users can also upload their data and convert it to a graphic view

    I liked this search engine the most. I’m still messing with him. Search the web, images, blogs, search among tags ... All results are presented in visual form, results from several sources at once.

    Search by .com .net .org .info .biz .us domain names Enter the domain name that interests you, the search engine shows you whether this name can be purchased or not, and where to buy it. A

    search engine that supposedly can answer user questions (Direct answers to human and machine questions). To start working with a search engine, you need to register, if you are too lazy, you can watch a demo video where the search engine is compared with Google.

    TagSlides is an interactive tag search engine. You can now search on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Technorati.

    Search for song lyrics as well as videos

    Also popular now: