Google user profiles: coming soon!

    Google profile
    So, in the near future your Google account will be presented on all Google services in a unified way - using your own profile. Immediately make a reservation, do not confuse the account settings and profile. Google Profile - a business card for your Google account, which will give you the opportunity to tell about yourself as much as you want.

    Before, you could create your profiles in Blogger, orkut, Google Groups, Google Co-op, Gmail and enter completely different information about yourself into them. In addition, in Gmail, Google Talk, and orkut, an avatar is attached to the profile, which makes the issue of your identification quite confusing for your friends and acquaintances.
    New Google profiles are already available in Shared Stuff, Google Maps, Google Reader and will soon be added to other web services.
    Profiles are publicly available and contain basic information about you: nickname (real name and surname are shown only to your contacts), occupation, location, list of links, photos and a brief description. The profile is embedded on the pages where the user-generated content is displayed (personal cards, shared bookmarks, etc.).
    A side effect of the public availability of your profile is that people can find it through search engines by setting, for example, your nickname in the search bar (if you entered your full name in it). In this case, it’s quite possible that the results will display pages that have your Google profile attached to. Maybe google will even create a profile directory and start offering friends depending on your location or hobbies.

    Based on GoogleOS

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