Einstein's task

    I bring to your attention a fairly well-known task. But here I haven’t seen her yet. A. Einstein invented it in the last century and believed that 98% of the inhabitants of the Earth are not able to solve it IN MIND.
    And so, here is the actual text of the task:

    1. There are 5 houses each of a different color.
    2. In each house lives one person of a different nationality.
    3. Each tenant drinks only one specific drink, smokes a specific brand of cigarettes and holds a specific animal.
    4. None of the 5 people drinks the same drinks as others, smokes the same cigarettes and holds the same animal.

    It is known that: An
    Englishman lives in a red house. A
    Swede holds a dog. A
    Dane drinks tea. A
    green house is to the left of the white one (consider these houses to be close by; otherwise, two solutions will be obtained in the problem).
    The tenant of the green house drinks coffee The
    man who smokes the Pall Mall holds the bird
    The tenant from the middle house drinks milk
    The tenant of the yellow house smokes Dunhill The
    Norwegian lives in the first house The
    smoker Marlboro lives near the one who holds the cat The
    man who holds the horse lives so who smokes Dunhill
    Cigarette smoker Winfield drinks beer
    Norwegian lives near a blue house
    German smokes Rothmans
    Smoker Marlboro lives next door to a person who drinks water.
    Question: who owns the fish?

    Personally, I solved this problem, but not immediately and not in my mind, but with a piece of paper and a pen. Very interesting, there are people who can solve it in the mind?

    PS This is my first post, so please do not kick much.

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