Microsoft: Firefox is twice as dangerous as IE

    Firefox & IE
    Mozilla’s Firefox browser is far more dangerous than Internet Explorer, Microsoft said in a report called “Vulnerability Analysis of Internet Explorer and Firefox.”
    The report's author, Jeff Jones , Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Security Strategy Director, compares the number and severity of vulnerabilities in both browsers since the release of Firefox in November 2004. Over three years, 87 vulnerabilities were fixed in different versions of IE and 199 in Firefox - 199 If we compare vulnerabilities by the degree of danger ("high", "low", "medium"), then Firefox leads in the number of categories in all categories.

    The report provoked a backlash among Mozilla supporters. Mozilla Lead Ideologist Mike ShaverMicrosoft called the study insolvent, lazy, and even “malicious.”
    “If teeth are treated more often in America than in Africa, this does not mean that our teeth are worse,” said Shaver in an interview with Microsoft, in his opinion, made a conclusion exactly the opposite: if more vulnerabilities were fixed, then the browser, accordingly, is safer, he says. Moreover, Microsoft did not take into account its undocumented patches and patches included in the Service Pack. And finally, one Microsoft security bulletin may contain several patches, and the report does not indicate whether this detail has been taken into account. “In order to look better than Microsoft,” Mr. Shaver wrote on his blog, “you need to stop fixing and publicizing vulnerabilities found by the developers themselves.”
    This is the second report by Jeff Jones showing the security benefits of Microsoft products. In June, Mr. Jones published material comparing the security of Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X. The new Microsoft operating system, according to the report, is much more reliable, since the number of vulnerabilities discovered in the first six months of Vista's existence is much lower than it was found in the first six months with various versions of Linux and Mac OS X.
    Based on Cnews

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