Startup CollabTRACK created by web designers for web designers

    " CollabTRAK was designed by web designers for web designers."

    The idea to create an online service for conducting web projects came up with two web designers from Ohio. As a result, they presented a site for interacting with several clients, other designers participating in the project, and, in principle, for full-fledged remote project management.

    For me, as a client of web designers, the emergence of such a service is a great relief :) Often I have to deal with no one contractor and I, as well as web designers describe in About, get confused in letters, materials, TK and so on. And most importantly, I don’t remember what I promised to whom ... to send, say, show and so on.

    The site allows you to track information on the project, leave notes, chat with clients and with other designers, share files.

    The service has three different subscriptions: free, about account for $ 29.99 per year and download edition, where for $ 199 per year you get the opportunity to transfer files unlimited in weight to your customers, which is most wonderful for me. Comparison of editions here.

    Yes, and you can still get paid (therefore pay for me) for working online, for example, through paypal.

    My actions after I found out about the project: I got an account (of course, free), threw a link to my favorite web designer.

    The question is: is there anything similar in Russia?

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