Interfaces have elements that regulate something.
    For example: volume change, cooling / heating level and the like.
    Often the scale of the regulators is graduated, numbered, or, if the electronic version, the numbers are displayed.

    And there is the effect of users adjusting their subjective requirements to numbers. (For example, on the sound control panel, the step for marking the scale is two. I set the volume a little more than four, the low frequencies 2-4 :-)

    By the way, I noticed that there is some designation in the BMW business CD (built-in player) There is no change in volume. It seemed to me that this is very cool. For I set the sound as I want to hear; no matter how muchit's a decibel.

    All other signs of changes, where you can easily do without them, provoke schizophrenia at an early stage :-).

    I think so now. And how are you?

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