PayPal issues virtual credit cards

    The PayPal payment system, owned by the eBay online auction, enables users to create virtual payment cards.

    The new PayPal Secure Card service allows one unique Mastercard number to be generated so that Palk users can use it on sites that do not accept PayPal. According to Reuters, the software package that comes with the PayPal Secure Card automatically determines the payment pages and fills the user's payment information.

    This wonderful service will work not only for those who are going to pay for a product / service on a site that does not accept PayPal, but also for those who simply do not have a credit card. In terms of security, this service is also good and is an excellent alternative to using a credit card on the Web, as user data and credit cards are not transferred via PayPal Secure Card.

    PayPal payment information is not stored on users' computers for security reasons. Instead, all Secure Card activity logs are contained in user accounts located on central servers. Secure Card itself works in Windows operating systems with Internet Explorer or Firefox - partial access to the service is also possible from Safari.

    It is worth noting that the payment information of users in the Checkout system from Google, launched in June last year, is also stored.

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