"Eraser" or how Google erased me today

    Hello, I want to share good news with you, today my eyes have opened and I have seen. The thing is that today I suddenly lost access to my Google account. Gtolks simply said goodbye and went offline. All my attempts to log in failed, in the mail, on Google pages - writes "Username and password do not match.". Okay, I think we'll come up with something now. And in what situation I found myself:

    1. The service “forgot the password” obliged me not to try to log in for 5 days, after which I will be given the opportunity to change the password for a “secret question”.
    2. The technical support apologized and said that it currently does not accept Russian correspondence.

    I remember the password, 10 characters, alphanumeric and in different registers.

    I am denied access to adwords, gtolks, gdocs, gmail. In general, this is the end, guys. I can’t imagine what to do. They erased me ...?

    Or maybe this is due to some mysterious security update that was installed without my knowledge an hour before the events? Did Microsoft order me?

    The forecast of my subsequent actions is not comforting :(

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