Sources of Multics OS, the progenitor of UNIX published

    Forty years after the legendary operating system the Multics (Multiplexed Information Part Computing and the Service) its source code still published are available on the official website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). True, it is unlikely that you will find a PC where you can install this OS, so the source texts are of exclusively academic interest.

    The Multics system is the progenitor of UNIX and all modern operating systems. This is one of the first operating systems in which time-sharing operating system is implemented, as well as a number of other key technologies, including dynamic linking of libraries for the program (dynamic linking), virtual memory and hierarchical file system. The operating system supported a complete reconfiguration of equipment on the fly, allowing you to connect, disconnect, and configure central processors, memory blocks, hard drives, and other devices without stopping the entire system. These innovations have had a critical impact on the development of the computer industry. By the way, some innovative ideas from Multics are still awaiting implementation in modern OSs.

    To date, the current Multics OS has not been saved on any computer. The last car under Multics was stopped on October 31, 2000.

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