About the "bastards"

    In our opinion, the founder of the “scum” is Ilya Zdanevich (1894–1975), one of the representatives of the Russian avant-garde, as well as the St. Petersburg society of artists and writers “Bloodless Murder” (representatives: M.V. Le-Dantyu, O. Leshkova, N Lapshin, N. Yankin, V. Ermolaeva, E. Turova, Yanko Lavrin and others).

    Zdanevich, being the editor of the literary and political journal Northern Notes, the founder of the Freedom of Art society, uniting writers, artists, and actors under a common idea. Interestingly, V. Mayakovsky opposed the manifesto of “Freedom to Art”.
    Society over time disintegrated and was recreated already under the name “Art. Revolution". (representatives: V. Ermolaev, E. Turov, N. Lapshin, L. Bruni, N. Lubavin, O. Brik).
    Zdanevich is also the founder of the 41 ° association (Zdanevich, Terentyev, Kruchenykh). During this period, he publishes three plays: AsEl naprakat (1918), Ostraf PASKHI (1919), and ZGA Yakaba (1920).
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    ... robbers
    tear the scenes for the
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    ... perviy the robber
    abvg djziy klmno prstu fhtschsh
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    ... Janko
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    tear up dancing
    ... Yanko
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    ... they cut Yanko
    dying Yanko
    ... ref Sumirchi of the sea
    ... Kanets ... "
    - Zdanevich I., St. Petersburg 1916; “Janko Krul Albansky”

    From the thesis “Russian on the Internet. Development Trends” Ksenia Smistikova (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)

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