Mylopikch - elegant protection against spambots.

    About two months ago, while doing evening surfing, quite by chance I came across a blog of an interesting LiveJournal user, a certain sheller888 . Actually, his blog was interesting in that it contained a fairly large number of ideas for a variety of web services. There I came across the idea of ​​creating an analogue of the foreign service E-Mail Icon Generator . After conducting a short survey among my contacts about the relevance of this idea, I started to implement it. Thus, after a month and a half, a project with the unlucky name “ Mylopikch ” was born .
    Initially, the concept was to enable visitors to enter their own email service provider. This option had enough of both “+” and “-”. The first stone about which I stumbled was some sort of dullness and everydayness of the generated picture. Having experimented a little with different design styles, I realized that I wouldn’t put such a picture in my signature, it looked too miserable. Further, knowledgeable people hinted at the rather simple recognition of such gifs by e-mail robots. Considering these two facts, it was decided to slightly change the concept of the project.
    At the moment, “Mylopikch” generates, in my opinion, pretty eye-friendly icons that, in addition, they complicate the work of the “harvesters” a bit:

    There are now fifteen of the most popular email providers in the database. Mylopikch works in beta testing mode. Together we are looking for all kinds of bugs and shortcomings. I will be glad if any of you join. I’m also always happy to hear criticism and suggestions :)
    For the future, it is planned to introduce a number of new functions, including the possibility of adding an email provider to the database by visitors, naturally with pre-moderation. This function would allow not only users of large email services to play soapboxes, but also ordinary corporate and entertainment resources that provide mailbox registration services.
    I will be glad to hear the opinions, suggestions, comments and ideas of habralyuda.

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