Mozilla increased revenues to $ 66.8 million

    The Mozilla Foundation reported the exact revenue for 2006: $ 66,840,850 . This is 26% more than a year ago, when the organization made the biggest jump in revenue growth and received $ 52.9 million. For comparison, in 2003, revenue was only $ 2.4 million, in 2004 - $ 5.8 million, and in 2005 - $ 8.2 million. The

    lion's share of financial income came from affiliate programs with search sites. About 85% of revenue comes from Google, because it is Google that is the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox browsers. The contract with Google expires in November 2008, but it will certainly be extended.

    The costs of the Mozilla Foundation in 2006 remained relatively low ($ 19.8 million), so the nonprofit organization made very good profit.

    An important expense item is the technical infrastructure, which in 2006 reached a new level. At the end of the year, Mozilla servers processed 600,000 Firefox downloads and 25 million update requests, generating 2.1 TB of data per day. As a result, Mozilla is among the top 100 most visited Internet sites. During the year, a separate data center was opened in Europe, which reduced the response time of the site by 50%.

    In addition to servers and traffic, the money earned goes to the salaries of programmers, the development of new products and assistance to friendly projects.

    Salary is the main expense item. In 2006, 90 people, mostly living in California, Tokyo, Toronto and Paris, were paid full-time or part-time. A significant increase in costs is expected in 2007. There is already an agreement on the remuneration of programmers from Beijing and New Zealand. There are also plans to hire additional developers in Europe.

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