Eye-Fi 2GB SD Flash Card FCC Certified

    An innovative SD flash drive called Eye-Fi from the same manufacturer received certification from the Federal Communications Commission. This means that one of the world's first SD memory cards (compatible with both PC and Mac) with support for the wireless communication standard will soon be available.

    As a Wi-Fi component for Eye-Fi 2GB SD, the AR6001GL ROCm (Radio-on-a-Chip) chip was selected, which provides data transfer via 802.11g protocol. One of the advantages of this chip is the use of Automatic Power Save Delivery (APSD) technology, which provides low power consumption.

    The most convenient solution, allowing, for example, to transfer photos from the camera via a wireless interface will appear on the shelves in 2008. True, nothing is known about the cost of this “radio flash” card.

    via Engadget

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