Skype is preparing a "white phone"

    Skype, together with 3 Mobile, the 3G mobile operator, is planning to release its own mobile phone next month . This will allow Skype users to call from their mobile phones via VoIP without any difficulty.

    Like other VoIP services, a Skype phone will make calls via digital data; It will be possible to call both Skype users and users of traditional telephone networks. Therefore, you will have to pay for traffic, but you will save on minutes in your voice tariff plan.

    The "White Phone", and this is what this device is now called, will work in the territory of the countries served by 3 Mobile - these are the countries of Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Apparently, the company hopes that by releasing their own phone they will be able to greatly increase the paid traffic of the Skype network, because recently eBay announced that it was dissatisfied with the revenue acquired by the VoIP service: less than a third of the 246 million registered Skype users make calls.

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