The first virtual banks began their work

    The company MindArk - the creator of the online game Entropia Universe announced the upgrade of its software to version 9.0.

    The main interesting feature in the new version was the launch of the world's first virtual banks. Let me remind you that in the spring of this year an auction was held, where they put up 5 banking licenses. One of them was won by the Russian payment system MONETA.RU by paying 99,900 US dollars for it. Also, an obligatory condition for each of the 5 winners was an additional deposit of $ 100,000 for the bank's operating expenses. The total value of all licenses sold was just over $ 400,000.

    Banks are currently located in cities such as Port Atlantis, Twin Peaks, New Oxford and Fort Argus. The fifth bank, owned by far from the virtual German bank The Wirecard Bank AG, will be presented a little later, when its construction is completed.

    The first service that banks can now offer is loans secured by players ’property. So the banker Neverdie in the early days of the bank offered loans for 49.99% of the loan amount in a month. Currently, interest rates have decreased due to the pressure of public opinion of the players.

    Entropia Universe is positioned as the world's first game with a real money economy. The turnover for 2005 amounted to more than 160 million dollars.

    Players should soon expect the game to transition to the new CryENGINE2 graphics engine. from the German developer CryTek, the creator of such a game as “Far Cry” and everyone expected “Crysis”.

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