Plasma TVs may ban in Australia

    Australian Parliament is considering a new law that introduces severe restrictions on the energy consumption of household appliances. The requirements are so strict that entire classes of modern devices simply do not fit into them. For example, almost all modern models of plasma TVs, as well as some LCD panels. All of them consume much more energy than ordinary TVs on picture tubes, and this fact, apparently, threatens the country's national security, experts say under the Australian government.

    The standard introduces a new energy efficiency rating system, according to which all products will receive a rating of one to six stars, so that the buyer sees how much electricity this device consumes. At the same time, the concept of a “minimum acceptable energy efficiency standard” is introduced, which practically does not correspond to any of the modern models of plasma TVs.

    Of course, there are no special reasons for panic. If the new law is adopted, it will enter into force only in 2011, and by this time manufacturers should develop and release less “gluttonous” TV models.

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