switched to a new platform

    On Thursday, many participants in the online auction received letters notifying them of a change in their login on the site due to its transition to a new technology platform. A large noticeable banner on the main page of the resource now shouts about the same event, with the magic formula + flaunting on it.

    We’ll click on it, and all ambiguity and understatement disappears : all changes are caused by the merger of Hammer with auction , the Russian branch of a large family of auction sites created throughout Q&A by QXL Ricardo plc , which acquires 30% of the authorized capital LLC Hammer we wrote in September.

    A number of problems that arose during the process of transferring the huge Hammer to a new engine and combining its database with the Aukro database, the technical team promised to fix it within 24 hours, that is, by Friday evening. You can read about all the innovations on the same page of the merger announcement .

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