Analysis of data on Internet promotion. Where is the key to success?

    I hope these few facts and figures will be very useful for analyzing and searching for a niche by Internet marketers and businessmen ...

    Thanks to AC Nielsen * research, data on the level of consumer confidence in network marketing technologies have become available:

    Consumer confidence:
    1. Rumor and recommendations ( including those caused by viral campaigns) 78%
    2. Consumer blogs 61%
    3. Email on demand 49%
    4. Contextual advertising (and search engine optimization) 34%
    5. Banner advertising 26%

    Comparing them with aggregated data on the level of demand network tools among marketers from Forrester Research and Promo ** we get the following picture:

    Use by advertisers:
    1. Email newsletter - 72-83% (49% trust)
    2. Search engine marketing tools 64% (34% trust)
    3. Banner advertising - 44.5% (26% trust)
    4. Blog ads - 13-22.8 % (confidence 61%)
    5. Virus campaigns - 15.6% (confidence 78%)

    Of course, some figures are taken with certain assumptions, but their order corresponds to my research. This suggests certain thoughts: do the Overseas Gentlemen invest money there?

    And yet, by comparing the level of demand / expectations of advertisers, it is easy to draw conclusions about where the money will soon be and where the highest effect on the Internet will be. Including in the Russian sector.

    I really hope that this information will be useful to you.
    Sincerely, Ilya Patrick Tavli.

    * data for April 2007, ** data for May 2007. *** all data for the USA and Canada.
    **** The original is on my blog .

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