Social Internet: Success Formulas

    Many people think my notes are too long. Especially “at the request of IT workers” I offer a telegraph-mathematical note. The formulas are derived based on “gatherings” in the Commonwealth “For the New Social Web” .

    Success_resource_old_SV = k1 * communication + k2 * self-expression + k3 * information + k4 * cooperation + something

    Success_resource_ new_SV = k1 * information + k2 * cooperation + k3 * communication + k4 * self-expression + something

    where ST is a social web, k1> k2> k3> K4 - weights,
    something = f (money, team, quality, marketing, luck) - a common function of business success

    If these formulas are true, then there are different requirements for the general style of a social resource, its functionality and design, organization and work with information, advertising policy, promotion, ranking and motivation tools. I pay special attention to the latter.

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