PartyChat - Conference on GoogleTalk!

    Want to chat with your entire company on GoogleTalk ?
    There is a possibility! This is PartyChat .

    All that is needed is to write a message to one of the addresses, for example, and ... you are inside!

    From the FAQ it turned out that:
    → you can be in 11 rooms at the same time (theoretically - not the limit);
    → rooms can be password protected;
    → chat history is saved in your Gmail account;
    → this is an open source project ;
    → This whole cart works for one of Google’s employees at home.

    Some PartyChat commands:
    / create chat_name [optional_password]- create a new room. If a password is specified, users will have to enter it.
    / join chat_name [password] - log into an existing chat (a password may be required).
    / status - show the chat name and my alias.
    / list - list of chatters of the current room.
    / alias [name] - change your nickname; if no name is specified, the current nickname is “deleted”.
    / score [name] - get the number of points by name; get the entire list without a name.
    / me message - say from a third party.
    / reasons [name] - the same as / score, except for details of increasing / decreasing points.
    / exit - exit the current chat.
    / help- how to use PartyChat and a link to / commands.
    / commands - this help.
    / snooze time - ignore chat for the specified time, for example, “snooze 1h” or “snooze 15m”.
    / whois name - show user information for this chat.
    / whisper name message - "private" message.

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