Native FastCGI for IIS

    Almost a year after the start of development, the Go-Live release of the FastCGI ISAPI extension for the IIS web server versions 5.1 and 6 was released.

    Compared to traditional CGI, in which each new HTTP request initiates the launch of a new copy of the CGI application, when using FastCGI software process after the page is issued is not unloaded and reused in the processing of the following pages, thereby providing a multiple increase in server performance in general.

    The extension was developed by Microsoft in the framework of cooperation with Zend, which is the developer of the core of the popular scripting language for web programming PHP, in order to make it possible to efficiently use the latter on a Windows platform in conjunction with the IIS web server. In the upcoming IIS 7, FastCGI support will be integrated natively.

    A new section entirely dedicated to PHP opens in parallel on the official IIS website .

    Zend, as part of the agreement with Microsoft mentioned above, has introduced in PHP starting with version 5.2.0 a number of serious improvements regarding PHP optimization under Windows.

    It should be noted that native , developed at Microsoft, FastCGI support in IIS was implemented for the first time - earlier FastCGI technology was available only through the use of third-party developments.

    P. S. Go-Live release, strictly speaking, is not final - this means that Microsoft fully supports it and that it can be used for production purposes, but further clarifications are possible later.

    Update: November 10, 2007 released the final version of FastCGI for IIS 6.0 .

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