In Germany, forbidden to copy discs

    Image from cdpressing.comThe upper house of the German parliament approved a bill according to which the Germans are forbidden to make copies of any discs, CDs and DVDs, even for home use. The new law will enter into force in 2008, according to

    In addition to the ban on copies of CDs and DVDs, recording and storage of broadcasts from paid and public channels will be banned in Germany. About what sanctions threaten violators of the new law, not yet reported ...

    Don't you think that this and similar laws (let's say they were banned from P2P and look for errors in programs too) will negatively affect the IT sector of the German economy in the near future? Say I know one good German program - Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander), and you?

    I apologize for copy-paste, but there’s nothing special to link there.

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