Side effect

    If we discard all sentiment and lyrics, creating the svoedelo blog , we first of all tried to somehow stand out from the huge mass of competitors and, as a result, get vital orders.
    Honest, open blog
    What, what, and investment, we were definitely not looking for. Why? Because from the very beginning we counted only on our own strengths, and besides, we probably have the most non-original, banal and not interesting startup for investors - we are trying to create a successful ... design studio.

    Lately, customers from the blog come somehow very sluggish (such a subtle hint :). But they began to contact us quite regularly with various offers, one way or another connected with the complete or partial takeover of the company: we were offered to become a branch in Rostov, to buy completely with all the guts, to unite the companies, to invest money, etc. We are still holding on heroically ... but not about that now.

    All this I mean, that there is a mass of people with sufficiently large amounts of free funds. Which exactly the same puzzle over how to invest them most effectively. Probably due to the peculiarities of the Russian business and our mentality, it seemed like a simple task (there would be money) turns into a problem. I think most of the readers of this blog will easily invest in the business of their classmate, whom he knows very well from his student days! And at the same time, we will think twenty times before investing heavily in a random person (even with a brilliant business plan).

    An open, honest project blog - it’s great, it allows the investor to know you much better. In addition, it allows you to observe your progress and attitude from the side, evaluate how competently and promptly you solve the problems that have arisen, whether you respond adequately to constructive criticism, etc.

    Thus, by the time of the first contact, the investor, as a rule, has already decided everything, you are almost your own for him, which means you are likely to agree!

    Of course, this is not the fastest and far from the only way to get additional funds. But it seems to me that those who are looking for investment should not be underestimated.

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