40 beautifully illustrated web design examples (part 1)

Original author: Danny Outlaw
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Part 1. 1-20

Often a good and excellent site is distinguished by the presence of high-quality visual elements in its design. Although it takes quite a bit of time and talent to create illustrations, the result is often an amazing design that can really shock and catch your visitor. The following review just includes 40 examples of such works, helping to inspire you for the next project.

(If you like the review, I will translate the second part)

  1. Morphix

    The site combines a creative blog layout with cute illustrations, turning it into a very extraordinary, but very catchy blog design.

  2. PSD to WP

    This one-page site uses an impressive background image to create your own unique style.

  3. Dedoce

    There is a bit of grunge in this underwater scene, making it unlike vector illustrations from other sites.

  4. Chirp

    Designed exclusively in the style of "freehand", Chirp has its own special "handwriting".

  5. Olive crush

    These guys use simple illustrations and textures to give the site some personality.

  6. Ready made designs

    Nice color scheme and illustrations make this site easy to read.

  7. Bird boxx

    A large illustration easily interprets the name of the site, making it more memorable.

  8. Cool brush design

    Here is a highly detailed image of the castle and its underwater part implemented on Flash.

  9. Katherine designs

    Who doesn't like this robot site? Pastel colors and a large number of small robots.

  10. Arbel designs

    A cool one-page portfolio. Click on the navigation menu to see all levels of the site.
    (another decent site with a similar scheme: www.pojeta.cz - approx . per.)

  11. Synch media

    The combination of unique colors, layout and illustrations makes the site a little "different."

  12. The pixel

    Simple animation, excellent creative work and reasonable placement, there is everything there.

  13. Andy adventure

    It can be expected that animated games should have a bold and clever site. Although this is not a good example of such a design, it is still large and bold.

  14. Los Colores Olvidados

    If Tim Burton would be a web designer, I think his site would be a bit like this.

  15. Store envy

    This work combines a fairly modern style of the user interface with bright and colorful illustrations.

  16. Digital Impact Outdoors

    The illustration for this site is excellent - it perfectly conveys to the user the overall message of the site and adds value to it.

  17. Vindem teren

    Frankly, I’m not sure exactly what this site is for, but based on the image it resembles a site related to the sale of real estate.

  18. Branded 07

    The site is simply filled with stunning illustrations. Be sure not to miss the bottom of the page.

  19. Pralinen schachtel

    In this example, I like that the author tried to depict the depth of the illustration, the absence of which other vector images often sin.

  20. Indofolio

    This site is “scrolling” from the category “must be seen”. In addition to an amazing creative approach, it also contains convenient page-by-page navigation that allows you to feel the color of the site.

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