Web 2.0 in malls

    We are no longer surprised at the opportunity to evaluate something (article, comment, company, etc.) on the sites of Web 2.0 projects, but what about real life? In the last issue of Computerra magazine, in the section “Patent Office”, an interesting article “Global Customer Satisfaction System” appeared, which, in fact, is a literal translation of the name of a patent application in the USA. The essence of the idea is as follows.

    You go to the supermarket, put groceries in the cart, pay at the cash register, but don’t go straight home, and go to a device very similar to a payment terminal, where you can pay for cellular communications, Internet, etc. This is the “Electronic Complaint Book”, where you leave your review in the form of an assessment (on a five-point scale) of prices in the store, promptness of service, availability of places in the store parking, etc. Then all the information goes to a common database.

    According to the author, such information collected from the terminals will help customers choose the best service.

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