Non-Conference on New Media, Blogs, and Web 2.0

    BlogCamp 2007
    October 13-14 (Saturday-Sunday) 2007 in Kiev BlogCamp 2007 will take place - “non-conference” for the CIS and Baltic countries on new media, blogs, web 2.0 and everything connected with it. is an information partner for BlogCamp.

    Kiev Blogcamp will be held in the format of "barcamp" (BarCamp), which arose in 2005 in Silicon Valley. The rules of the barcamp are simple: everyone can come, but if you want to participate, you must make a contribution (make a presentation, hold a discussion, announce the event on your blog, shoot and post video from the conference, help with the organization).

    In order to take part in the Kiev Blogcamp, you should register on the website (in the "Participants" section).

    In September (obviously) a competition will be held for those wishing to visit Blogcamp from the CIS and Baltic countries for scholarships that compensate for travel and accommodation expenses. Non-Kievites will be accommodated in apartments of their Kiev colleagues and in hotels.

    In the morning, on the first day of the Blogcamp, an event schedule will be formed: speakers will have to enter their session in an empty cell. Up to 6 sessions will be held simultaneously. It is assumed that most of the presentations will be in Russian and 20-25% in English.

    Blogcamp will host free WiFi access. More details will be available later.

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