BMW released a free racing game

    Quite unexpected news came to us from Germany. The famous automobile giant BMW in collaboration with the German studio 10tacle Studios and the company Blimey Games released a computer game - a racing simulator BMW M3 Challenge with a BMW M3 car in the lead role.

    The best part is that the distribution kit with the game is distributed free of charge, and it weighs relatively little - 346.5 MB.

    The BMW M3 Challenge contains four modes for single player, as well as a separate multiplayer mode. The latter will become a platform for upcoming competitions that will be around the world: the developers promise to arrange a championship with 1000 players, only 14 of which will go to the grand finale. Nothing is said about specific prizes, but something very valuable is promised. As for the system requirements, theypresented on the official BMW M5 Challenge promotional site. On the other hand, on the site of the car itself in a section devoted to the game it says something like this: "The game will work on any modern computer." Well, I want to believe, because the graphic component of the toy, judging by the screenshots, is quite decent.

    You can download the game here .

    via TG Daily

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