Google and Amazon plan to move toward the e-book market

    The Times reports that Amazon is set to launch a $ 400-500 Kindle e-book reader in October.

    At the same time, Google , which has a search service for books , by the end of this year will provide users with the opportunity to purchase the full version of copyrighted books directly from this service. Naturally, Google will share profits with publishers.

    Although the technology of electronic books has been around for quite some time, this method of submitting books has not taken root among the people, since reading books on paper is much more convenient and, at least, just more familiar.

    Times reports that Kindle’s wireless connectivity will allow you to not only download books and periodicals from the Amazon store, but also surf the Internet. The device will have a keyboard and a scroll wheel.

    As for the books themselves, Amazon is already selling e-books on both and .

    Google Book Search displays the full text of publicly owned books, and excerpts from books protected by copyright or publishing. For those interested in purchasing paper books, Google makes links to third-party online stores selling them.

    via InfoWorld

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