Web Office Goes Corporate

    Yesterday at the conference Office 2.0 a number of interesting presentations from companies that develop online office suites took place. For example, one of the leading developers in this area, Zoho announced the creation of a corporate paid version of the office suite Zoho Business Edition. This is clear evidence that the web office has become a serious commercial alternative for older office programs such as Microsoft Office.

    The commercial version of Zoho Business Edition will be available from October 2007, with a license cost of $ 40 per year per user. For this money, corporate customers will receive additional functionality, including a user administration system, domain management and backup data storage, as well as telephone technical support.

    Private users will be able to continue using the free Zoho Personal package, but some programs, including Zoho CRM, will be transferred to the corporate version, and the rest will be limited in functionality. For example, a Zoho Meeting meeting manager can host a maximum of five meetings per month.

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